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Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members. We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible. Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

I fainted on the back of the kitchen floor, hitting my back of the head hard. Felt pain on my neck side, seemed to awaken and I screamed. No one was there to hear in the kitchen. I could not move, kept screaming, and I began to cry. Then started pushing the left leg, then I remained near the kitchen door, screaming, had bracelet on but did not press it. May have fallen asleep, woke up and began to push the Life Alert button, and then I'm on the back, Life Alert called Mrs. Sterling. The others were at church on Sunday, policemen and fire department responded, was taken to Mrs. Sterling because she had the keys, where I was lying I could not have opened the door at that time. R.M, Chicago IL

The Man from Life Alert was concerned about my emergency, and stayed on the phone until the rescue came. Thank you all very much, you have always been helpful. C.K., Jacksonville FL

My mom has fallen on a few occasions or not been able to get up due to an illness of feeling faint. Life Alert has helped every time by notifying emergency and family when needed. Thank You.J.O., Anaheim CA

My mom fell upstairs and couldn't get up she pressed Life Alert and she could not respond. So I got a call saying that there was no response from her and a call was put in to EMT. While on the phone with Life Alert they told me to sit tight and wait for a call from the EMT. When I got the call from EMT (which happened quickly) I told them I'd be @ mom's in 20 minutes. When I arrived at my moms house, I saw that the front door had to be broken into as the EMT and police could not find a set of keys in one of the flower pots. The police and EMT told me that they could not hear my mom crying for help. I am truly grateful for all they did in rescuing my mom. When my husband, daughter and I arrived at the house and walked inside I honestly did not know what to expect. My family and I found my mom calmly sitting on her living room chair. That was a pleasant site and it put all of us at ease. I asked where exactly my mom fell and without hesitation the EMT showed us along with the police. All our questions were answered in a polite and calm manner. I can't say Thank You enough! Thank God mom didn't need to go to the hospital. The EMT did phone our Local Hospital and spoke with the ER MD on duty. Moms vitals were good, all ended well thanks to the Angels at Life Alert and Emergency Responders.P.M., Yardley PA

I woke very shaky, could not stand, pressed Life Alert. Paramedics came, checked me out and took me to Tucson Heart Hospital. I was released the same day. Life Alert personnel stayed on the phone with me till paramedics arrived.M.G., Green Valley AZ

I have bad knees and surgery made them even worse so I fall sometimes due to poor balance. 911 is here promptly and they are so caring and wonderful. Your people talk to me until they come and make me feel very comfortable. You make it possible for this 91 year old lady to stay in her home and so far able to take care of myself. Thank you Thank You!B.R., Green Valley AZ

I would not be without it. I've used it many times, not once. I fell on the outside of my home behind bushes. They had the medics there in fifteen minutes. It took the medics 15 to 20 minutes to find me and Life Alert helped them find me.M.L., Golden CO

I briefly fainted in the kitchen and fell in the kitchen. Because of arthritis in my right knee, I could not get up; Life Alert staff assisted me getting up and sat me on the couch. I was not hurt and did not need to go to the hospital.S.D., East Orange NJ

I fell and pushed the button and they answered right away. It wasn't long before I had help. They kept in touch with me till help came. Thank god I didn't break anything. This was the best birthday gift from my children.S.L. M., New Port Richey FL

I have been with Life Alert a short time and you all responded very quickly every time. I am very pleased knowing that I know that you are with me 24 hours a day.C.T. C., Lakeland FL