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Life Alert Cost

Some people think that the cost of a senior alert system may be too expensive or that their health is good enough to not warrant a medical alert system. The good news is that Life Alert prices can actually save you money as well as prolong your health and independence.

We understand that seniors are on a fixed income. Life Alert prices take into consideration the cost of senior alert systems that is why our personal emergency medical alarm is less than a dollar a day. To keep costs low our equipment is free for the duration of the contract, and our monitoring fee is reasonably priced.

In addition to our medical alert system, we also offer full security packages for Fire Protection, CO Gas, and home intrusion.

Some of our Life Alert prices include a special 911 phone so your protection remains as mobile as you. One push of the easily-accessible button puts you right into a local 911 operator when away from home.

Regardless of which package you choose, Life Alert’s cost for our medical alert system is just a fraction of the price of a retirement home. Actually, Life Alert’s 36 month membership is less than the cost of one (1) month’s rent at a retirement community. And you’ll have the added benefit of feeling safe and secure while staying in your own home.

Read what some of our members say:

    When we made the call the staff showed great concern and responded quickly. Could not ask for more. Thanks to everyone, it’s worth being a member.
    A.W., Tyler, TX

    Having Life Alert was well worth the money.
    E.P., Newark, DE

    Life alert gives me a more secure feeling in my home. Well worth the cost.
    G.L., Ashley, IL

    I fell in bathroom and could not get up. I had no way to communicate other than Life Alert. The response time was wonderful. Life Alert contacted all the children listed immediately and again made a follow-up call when I was back on track. We were all very satisfied and think our money has been well spent. We highly recommend Life Alert to others.
    L. N., South Plainfield NJ

    I have fallen a few times, could not get up, and pushed my button. Life Alert answered right away. If it wasn’t for that don’t know what I would do. One thing I could not live alone, having Life Alert saved me many times. All elder people need to have this. I would recommend it to everyone. It’s worth its money in gold. I would not be here if it wasn’t for Life Alert. Thank you so much.
    M. F., Milan TN

    My mother had fallen and was home alone. Life Alert contacted my husband, then myself and also my sister, after sending EMS. That one incident was worth any cost for service. I feel much more secure knowing that my mother is taken care of with the speed and capability shown by Life Alert. THANK YOU!
    M. L., Chiefland FL

    I had fallen in my bathroom. Help from Life Alert was prompt and professional. This is the best money I spend each month.
    P. F., Daytona Beach Shores FL

    My mother had fallen and cut her head. Life Alert responded without delay after being notified. The ambulance arrived shortly thereafter. Thank you for this important service. It’s well worth the money spent for the comfort of knowing my mother isn’t really alone.
    W.R., Glenville, NY