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Senior Wellness Centers:
The New Rave for the 50+ Crowd

Written by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

Gone are the lazy days of retirement for seniors.  No more knitting sweaters or tinkering in the garage.  70 is the new 40, and the elderly are declaring their rights to be young at heart. But having a youthful mindset is only part of their success, the other half is contributed by the growth of Senior Wellness Centers that focus on older adult health and longevity.

If you think a Senior Wellness Center is where a group of grey-haired elders hang out playing bingo…think again!  Senior Centers are popping up all over like Rave dance clubs for teens.  They come fully loaded with computers, fitness rooms, spas, swimming pools, as well as various types of health education classes, actives and outings that would make any Generation-X individual jealous for not being old enough to join in on the fun., a website specializing on older adult fitness education, noted that wellness programs and centers are becoming so prevalent and pivotal to good mental and physical health that communities, which do not have wellness programs, may very well be thought of as being behind the times.  Moreover, they note that the next generation of residents will demand wellness as a way of life.

A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for anyone but for the elderly it can be deadly.  Senior Wellness Centers provide older adults with the tools they need to create a happy and healthy spirit in their not-so-old age.  To find one in your community, ask your doctor, look in the yellow pages phone book, or search online.

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