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When Springing Forward this Daylight Saving week – be careful that you don’t fall back.

Written by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert

Sunday, March 10th, Daylight Saving begins where we move our clocks one (1) hour forward. Wouldn’t it be fun (or at least interesting to say the least) if we could alter our life clocks forward or backward to suit our lifestyle?  Just imagine, as teenagers moving our internal clock forward to age 21 so we could get into that new hip club; or as an 80 year old moving our internal clocks back to age 30 to once again have our freedom and independence.

Well, we may not have an inner Daylight Saving mechanism but there is something for the elderly to help them have their freedom and independence again; it’s Life Alert.

Life Alert allows the elderly, physically handicapped, and even single people of all ages to live alone safely with freedom and independence knowing that with just one push of a button on the lightweight pendant sends help faster than having to reprogram the clock on your DVD/VCR one hour ahead.

Daylight Saving provides added sunlight so people generally have more energy to get extra things done.  One big project that usually is on hand this time of year is “Spring Cleaning.” But sometimes just doing household chores can be dangerous for senior citizens.  Simple falls while wiping down cabinets, dusting, or vacuuming can leave them on the floor with the clock ticking for hours until someone checks on them. But with Life Alert’s patented 2-way communication monitor emergency help can arrive in a New York minute, 24/7.

With Life Alert’s lightweight help button there’s no need to worry about reaching a phone.  The help button can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant.  And since its waterproof, it can also be worn in the shower, where many accidents occur with the elderly.

Daylight Saving is usually a time for people to remember to do annual things such as check the expiration date on canned goods or change the batteries in the smoke detector.  Although we might not be able to help you with throwing away a can of beans from 1998, Life Alert can help you with replacing your smoke detector batteries with their monitored Fire Protection System, which upon detection of smoke will alert a team of dispatchers who summon the fire department, even if no one is home; and if the batteries get low Life Alert will notify you when it’s time to replace them so you can have protection around the clock. Having a fast line into the fire department provides protection and peace of mind at all times and this kind of security can leave you with nothing to be alarmed about.  Life Alert doesn’t just stop at protecting lives – it also protects wallets, homeowners may receive a 10-15% discount on their homeowners insurance as a result of installing a Life Alert monitored fire system.

Life Alert has been proven to provide senior independence by saving thousands of lives from any kind of medical or home emergency, including home intrusion. We can’t stop the aging process but we can turn back time a little bit by allowing people to stay in their homes longer by getting them help fast, 24/7.  So on March 10th, remember to change your clocks to 1 (one) hour forward for Daylight Saving Time and remember to call Life Alert to get a free brochure on round the clock protection.

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