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Feathers vs. Metal

Written by Heidi Nestor, Writer and Editor, Life Alert


You’ve all heard it! The current news extravaganza about United States Postal Service going back to using carrier pigeon’s to beat the cost and stay current with other delivery services that use drones for fast air delivery. 

Online companies, such as Amazon, have started to incorporate high-tech ways of delivery, in which the United States Postal Service can’t keep up with due to budget cuts and competitors like UPS and FedEx.  Instead, they are now incorporating an old tried and true method of fast delivery through the air via Pigeon Carrier.

“Drones are expensive, pigeon’s aren’t.  Just give ‘em some seeds and they’re good.” said a Milwaukee postal carrier who wished to remain anonymous.

There are pros and cons to this now becoming retro delivery system as explained by Postal Executive, Terrence Stamp, “Pigeons are faster and more agile.  They can maneuver much better than a drone, the only down fall is the weight limitation.  Drones can carry heavier packages whereas the birds can’t.”

Customers of the new USPS air delivery system have mixed reviews.  One Kansas City resident praised the speed of getting the lipstick she ordered dropped on her porch; whereas a Louisiana man complained that his package wasn’t the only “droppings” he received.

Stamp goes on to assured that standard daily mail will continue to be delivered by your neighborhood mail person and the pigeons are only for lightweight packages that need a fast delivery.

While the changes at the United States Postal Service have been reported on every news station, newspaper, and talk show throughout the country, Life Alert would like you to know that their way of delivering help to you fast has not changed.  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stop Life Alert’s emergency dispatchers from helping you during an emergency whether it be a fall, heart-attack, stroke, or even a home invasion.

Even though this faux news report is meant to make you laugh on this April Fool’s Day, what is not funny is falling and not being able to get help.  Moreover, permanent damage or disability can be minimized, and even death may be prevented the sooner help arrives, and that’s no joke!

Life Alert’s tried and true service continues to save a life every 10 minutes yet they remain still so simple to use. However, their newest cutting-edge technology can make any drone jealous as it includes wireless solutions and GPS. So if you need help fast just press your Life Alert button and help will be sent faster than any air delivery race between a pigeon and a drone. 

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